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INUKA 3 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil (Black or Brown)

INUKA 3 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil (Black or Brown) picture

This is a very special product to me. I’ve had eyebrow pencils before but never really got the desired look I wanted so I rarely used them and settled with the not so bold brows that I have.

I wanted to try this product because of the brow gel mascara as I haven’t seen a product like this before. When I used it for the first time, I followed the three steps defining my brows lightly with the retractable pencil, filled in my brows with the powder and finished off with the gel mascara. What an amazing difference to my face. I can’t believe I am only finding a product like this now after all these years of wearing makeup.

I don’t wear a full face of makeup every day of the week, but I do put on my eyeliner and mascara every morning, otherwise I feel something is missing. Now I have added that I do my brows every morning too. I feel more confident and my ‘amazing’ brows look all natural. It’s so quick and easy to apply it takes me barely a minute to do both eyebrows.

Product description:
Everything you need to build exquisite eyebrows. A retractable pencil, powder and brow gel mascara. Achieve eyebrows that are as natural-looking or bold as you desire by applying these essentials alone or together.
Brow Pencil: Fill in the sparse areas of the brow by using hair stroke motions or use it to outline the desired shape of the brow.
Powder Applicator: Fill in the sparse area of the brow with the powder applicator for a natural looking eyebrow.
Brow Gel Mascara with definition-brush: Optional to use to complete a bold look by setting your brows with a careful swipe of mascara to hold brow hairs in place.

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